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I do love books! I guess that is expected of a librarian. I had my spare bedroom made into a library! It was one of those bucket list things. Have I read all those books? Not yet, but I will. And that doesn’t count all that I have in my Kindle account. If you were pursuing my shelves, you would find a very eclectic mix, picture books, chapter books, nonfiction, and professional books. I read a variety of genre, sometimes I just want to relax and escape into a simple fun story while other times I am reading to learn something new. The point is, I don’t read just one kind, and neither should our students.

How varied is your library collection?

Do you have books to meet most student interests?

I say most because I once had a kindergartener who didn’t check out books. Finally, I asked his mother what type of books I might suggest, and she answered he liked fans, especially the box ones. Sadly, I could not fill that request.

But you should be sure you have all genres represented, for varied reading abilities, with a diverse group of characters. Remember: windows, doors, and mirrors. And even if it’s scary, buy those books that might push a button for someone, chances are you have a student who needs to read it. Just be sure you have a current book consideration policy and several positive book reviews so that you are ready.

Read on, my friends!