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Liz Deskins

My Books

Hello, I’m Liz Deskins. I’ve been working in school libraries for 35 years. This includes elementary, high school, college and graduation school courses. I treasured every one of these levels and would go back and do it all again!

In my elementary schools, 3 over the years, I implemented a flexible program which led to excellent collaborations and powerful programs. I brought in authors that excited and engaged students and teachers alike. In high school, I continued bringing authors and students, Jay Asher, Chris Crutcher, and Jason Reynolds, to name a few. I worked with students to engage in community service both inside and out of the school building.

During this time, I wrote articles for library journals; articles on books by themes, articles about inquiry, collaboration, reading, and building relationships with parents.

I also provided professional development at district events, workshops for regional meetings, and sessions for state conferences. I still present at AASL conferences, based on books I have written for ALA publishing.