ALA Youth Media Awards

Have you been watching the various blogs as they try to predict the upcoming ALA Youth Media Awards? Well, next Monday all the wondering will be over. I will be in Baltimore for LibLearnX and am so excited to sit in that auditorium and watch the announcements live. It is the librarian’s Oscars! The anticipation is palatable, and then the cheers as each award is announced are like being at a Super Bowl. I will write about the experience and give you my takeaways. In most categories, I really can’t guess which will win, so I will be surprised with the rest of you.

Think about me Sunday when Kat and I present on the topic of the new book we are writing, neurodiversity in children and youth literature.

We are having quite the rollercoaster weather; I hope you are stocked up with books to read!

Books, hot chocolate, and a warm blanket make for a glorious afternoon.